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Hi everyone,

I am new bie to linux. I just with the requirment of porting a simple helloworld program on to my AT91RM9200EK board. But now my requirement has changed to porting of linux kernal to the target. I stated googling only to end up in confusion. please help me in clarifying things.

1) We can build our own cross compiler, but why is ti neccessary, why not a prebuilt version satisfy all our requirements.

2) I found some standard prebuilt arm toolchains listed below » arm-elf-4.1.1, newlib » arm-elf-3.2.1, newlib » arm-linux-4.1.2, uclibc » arm-linux-3.4.4, glibc The above tool chains were from taken from ronetix

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- What are the difference between the above listed. (One thing I can see is that they use different libaries. Also that I have learnt uClibc is meant for uCLinux kernal which does not support MMU)

- Which one to go for in the case of my target.

- Which is the most recent one. Basically how to select the tool chain.

3) I wanted to build the linux kernal in cygwin environment. Hence which tool chain to prefer in that case and any help/references for compiling kernal for arm in cygwin environment

Kindly help me in understanding things, I have been spending lot of time on this and still havent reached a conclusion

Thanks, Hari

Target details: AT91RM9200 EK board from ATMEL uses ARM920T core.

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Building helloworld and a kernel are wildly different things. The first gives you an idea of the basic steps for anything. I suggest you try to absorb smaller increments, and ask questions about the various steps you take.

Of course you don't need to compile a cross-compiler, if one is already done that meets your requirements.

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