Where can i find IPC info of Linux and uClinux?

I want to know what's different with Linux and uClinux IPC?


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I want to know what's dufferent with them.

I had tried to found...

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I don't know what you mean by "IPC", or how it fits into your question, but Linux is the stock kernel, meant to run on a wide variety of processors, all with Memory Management Units (MMUs) of one type or another. MMUs provide hardware based memory protection between processes themselves and between the kernel and processes.

uClinux is a variant of Linux, meant to run on processors WITHOUT MMUs. Since there is no MMU, there is no hardware memory protection. The reason to do this is that there are a large number of smaller/simpler processors (micro-controllers, from which uClinux gets its name) out there that don't have MMUs.

In the current Linux 2.4 kernel, uClinux is a completely seperate patch. I believe that in the new 2.6 kernel, uClinux has been merged, but there are probably still patches for it. See .

Hope this helps. Pete Flugstad Icon Labs

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Pete Flugstad

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