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I am working on linux drivers, now my project is on usb .
i have a good knowledge on usb in case of windows platform, but i do
not know about the architecture of usb in linux.
i have gone through some documents in linux on usb, but i did not get
how the enumaration happens in linux, and what is role of PNP manager
in case of linux, and role of I/O manager.
Is there any things like Registry Data base in linux to maintain all
the driver information ?
At the time of loading  a usb device driver the pnp manager looks in to
the registry information in case of windows, how that will be in case
od linux?

thanks and regards


Re: usb architecture

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Enumeration is done by the usb core.

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This depends on the linux version. For current kernels, look for udev.

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No. The simple way is maintaining a list of vendor/product IDs inside your



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