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Hi to all,

I am new to linux drivers, can any one help me to find a good links for
some sample projects on linux device drivers especially for usb.
and can any one give me a very good group even if it may be paid group,
which will give answer to my questions regading linux device drivers
and usb drivers in linux


Re: projects on drivers
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The Linux kernel contains a lot of usb driver code. That would probably
be the best place to start.
I'm sure you'll find a few good examples in there.

The Linux kernel newbies mailing list (and wiki. See /) is a good place to get answers to the
'simple' questions, after that you can use the kernel mailing list itself.


Re: projects on drivers
The standard "must" is the book "Linux device drivers (3rd edition fort
Kernel 2.6) by Rubini and friends (even available online now).


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