Linux on a USB pendrive


I'm trying to get a small embedded filesystem running from a pendrive. I have it booting the kernel, but it always fails when It goes to mount the root filesystem.

It always complains about "block-device-8".

Anyone got any thoughts? Thanks


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Wee Beastie
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Only thoughts. Probably not much in the way of help.

This sounds familiar. Are you using LILO? Did you run it on a system other than your target? Are you aware of "disk="?


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Kyler Laird

Devil linux has scrpts to create a Pen Drive distribution. Try having a look and see if you can use it as a base?

formatting link

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Vincent Crabtree

There are a bunch of issues here, but one thing that needs to be pointed out: After loading your USB module and the usb-storage module, you should pause for three or four seconds, because it takes a finite time for the device to be mountable.

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

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