ucSimm still available - or are modern kits sufficient?

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Ive been looking for a uc dev kit to use for small projects, and the
one that best fit what I needed is the ucSimm. However there doesnt
really seem to be any activity with it, and I cant find anywhere online
to buy one.

Does anyone know if it is available? If not, are there any suggestions
for alternatives.
The big features for the ucSimm are the lcd controller ( I want to hook
a 320x240 sharp screen that I have ) and ethernet, with plenty of ram
and flash. Being 68k was nice, but I ARM would be fine as well.

My first project is to hook up a audio rack computer front panel that I
scavenged. It has lots of buttons, leds dials, and an lcd screen. I
want to make something that will be fun to play with stand alone, and
also be capable of hooking up to a host PC as a HID/display ( hence
ethernet or usb ).

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