Modern business are braindead

I have been asking the networks nerds for half a dozen hubs for months
now and cant get them. Today a collegue walks in with a large box with
5 16port D-Link switches. He then hands me one and goes on to tell me
how the network dudes are throwing out cartons of these switches. They
are still wrapped in plastic. I saw about 15 cartons get trashed,
after i had grabbed a few. Apparently there was a problem where if one
port was hammered, the other ports stopped responding.........
If i had been quick enough there would be 15 cartons of D-Link
switches on Ebay now that would help fund a very nice party for a few
of my collegues...The things you see.
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The Real Andy
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Where's the problem? They can't afford to have that sort of product in service (what's the model, BTW). Of course they could have offered some to you (I assume you wanted them for personal use....?). Oh okay, they could have used minimal effort to offload them, but depending on the number they may well have figured it wasn't worth the effort.
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Ken Taylor
The problem is not in the switch.
I got a few personal ones, but a lot more for test systems!
There was enough to justify selling on ebay for more beer at the christmas party! TO be honest though, a 10% restocking fee from the seller is not much.
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The Real Andy
Every D-Link product I've used was thoroughly deserving of a preeminent place in the trash.
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Clifford Heath

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