Trying to mount nfs partition on Montavista running target, keep on failing, any idea?

Trying to mount nfs partition on Montavista, keep getting this below error: any idea?. This is the error I am getting (if I try to mount between Two linux machines, it is Ok), I can see portmap running (if I do "netstat -an | grep 111", I can see it is Listening)

mount: RPC: Unable to receivce; errno = Connection refused

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If the nfs server is on a windows machine there is a problem with the montavista software where none of the network services work unless only ONE interface is enabled. I had to manully go in and disable my wireless interface, for example, before I could get nfsd to start correctly.

Another possibility is the machine has a firewall blocking access.


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Interesting. I did not know that Windows can do NFS.


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Michael Schnell

It can't natively, but there are a couple of tools you can get. Most of them are commercial, although the one included with Cygwin has worked fine for me in the past. That said, I don't remember how well it handled things like case sensitivity.

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Geronimo W. Christ Esq

There are packages you can buy (Hummingbird, etc.) and probably some free ones, but Microsoft's own (free) Services For Unix package "supports" NFS as a client and a server.

Don't expect to be particularly amazed by any of them, though. They may work just fine in simplistic (and low traffic) usage environments, but in general they work as well as one might expect anything to work under Windows (i.e., nothing to write home about). The issues may very well be Explorer-related, but they've become pretty annoying nonetheless in my environment.


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Dave Littell

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