Software UART driver

Hi all,

I have tried to look an answer for this on the web, but I mainly got "no can do" (timing issue).

Kernel: 2.6.3x MCU: atmel at91 (9263)

I wish to get/write a driver to bitbang a couple of gpios to emulate a uart. the communication is with a remote PIC (PIC12F683) to which I have already wrote the software and checked with linux terminal. the communication does not have to be fast at all (1200 would be fine). only a few bytes are exchanged.

can someone point me in the right direction? did someone already develop such a driver? is there an example/guide I can follow to do it?


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Daniel Doron
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Next time, if you have to post into several groups, please cross-post instead of multiposting, so we all see if you have responses. Google for the terms, if you do not know.

There is a fresponse in comp.alt.embedded.


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Tauno Voipio


Thanks, I did not now about cross-posting. will do next time. p.s: i guess you meant comp.arch.embedded...


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Daniel Doron

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