simple command line interface (CLI) architecture

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Hello, All!

I'm trying to implement simple Command Line Interface (CLI) for our design
based on linux. I will use GCC as compiler.
I don't need some special features (like command line editing, commands
history  etc.) by now,  just simple and basic functionality:

1) enter command
2) parse command line
3) execute code related to command

Seems to be simple but I don't have any idea right now, that's why I ask for
you to help me out :)

With best regards, Roman Mashak.  E-mail:

Re: simple command line interface (CLI) architecture
When you think about it, what you need is a loop (because you want to do it
over and over), a read, some parsing logic and a something to do. Try that

while (true) {
  printf("Enter cmd>");
  i = parse()    // for example
  switch( i ) {
    case cmd1:
    case cmd2:
      printf("Unknown Command\n");

char *cmds[4] {"cmd1", "cmd2", "cmd3", "" };

int parse( char *str_in ) {             // there are many ways to do this -
mostly depending on what format the command is to take.
  char * parsed[20];
  int parse_i = 0;
  char *p;
  int i;

  p = strtok( str_in, " ," ); // parse "cmd1 arg1, arg2"
  do {
    parsed[parse_i++] = p;
    p = strtok( NULL, " ," );
  } while ( !*p);

  for ( i=0; *cmd[i], i++) {
    if ( strcmp ( parsed[0], cmds[i]) == 0)
      return i;
    return -1;

Re: simple command line interface (CLI) architecture

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When I needed a highly reliable embedded parser, I used flex and bison
to generate it. It is possible to develop a bulletproof parser that
can be easily extended should need arise. The initial learning curve
can be steep, however.

Chris Isbell
Southampton, UK

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