What does it really do when you plug in a pcmcia wireless card?

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I am working on robots with a pc104 pcu, and use the pcmcia slot for
Pretec CompactWLAN cards, thus giving me access to wifi.
My probleme is that for some obscure reasons i get errors that are, I
believe due
to bad initialisation of the firmware during normal boot.
This happens randomly, either it does or not, but when it does, the
only thing I can do is take the card out and plug it back in again, and
then it works...

I must find a way to correc this proble, and have already in a script
found out how to figure out if it is loaded correctly (using ping), and
now need to reload it correctly as long sa ping doesnt answer.

I have tried everything:
-calling /etc/init.d/pcmcia restart
-calling /etc/init.d/pcmcia reload
-calling hotplug unregister firmware
-calling hotplug register firmware
-calling hotplug unregister net
-calling hotplug register net
- removing and reloading the corresponding modules (orinoco and hermes)

some seem to create the same reactions as if I put the card out and in
again, but it nevers solves the bad firmware load probleme.

so my question is, what else does loading a card do, that all this
doesnt also do?

Thanks for the help...

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