Security cam control on linux-based webserver.

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I have a product, and would like to integrate into it the ability to
remotely view a webcam.

The webcam would be something like

What we want is a camera running on one linux computer, with a java prog (
ideally a bean ) running on another displaying the picture, and
controlling resolution/frame rate/pan/tilt/zoom/focus/whatever.

I'd LIKE to see the display part running as window in a web page, but we
can do that step if required.

The transmit end must convert to a suitable resolution, we don't need 640

Then compress, but as of today MPEG4 seems to be difficult, so we'll take
what we can get.

The receiving end must decompress, and scale dynamically.

If anyone can say "Oh that's easy" I'd love to know.

If anyone wants to try it, and would be happy to do it in exchange for a
pile of kit, or beer tokens, do get in touch.


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