is there something like fake battery or replacement?

i just want to remove the battery body and let my phone boot normally. but no luck, when i removed it and plug in usb power, the phone boot but seems like low power and shutdown.


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My Nexus 5 phone would shutdown seconds after starting to boot up. Suspecting the battery, I replaced it with a new one. There was no change, so the battery wasn't at fault. I went out and purchased a Pixel 3, solving the problem.

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Winfield Hill

IDK about a fake battery, but you certainly can buy replacement batteries for most phones, including cheap ones from China. Even a cheap, China one would suffice to get it to boot up. Assuming that it is a battery problem. Hard to tell what goes on with the battery interface, how it's monitored, etc. It's certainly possible that it won't boot without a battery, with just USB power. Ebay would have cheap ones.

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Whoey Louie

Cheap batteries from HCina tend to be C grade. That means used batteries - they test them and anything that holds a charge gets rewrapped & sold. Not surprisingly some are defective, some good.


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maybe you could connect a capacitor to the battrey terminals and a resistor to the temp sensor terminals

may or may not work but seems unlikely to damage the phone.

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Jasen Betts

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