Does an IC like this exist?

I am looking for an IC that will take 12 volts DC input and generate +/- 5 volts DC out at a few milli-amps?

To drive a couple of LCD panel meters.


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** Not and IC, but a mini inverter module like this will do it :

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Nice price ($ 12.45 + ) but no stock at present.

Same goes for two other similar ones.

........ Phil

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Phil Allison

"Geoff C"

** Neither item is no longer stocked by Farnell.

Alternatives offered are out of stock except for this one at $25.77 +

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....... Phil

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Phil Allison

"JERD" wrote in news:bea7h.67422$

Farnell 868-9792, 3kV isolation, 10 to 100mA.SMD. $14.46


868-9873 1kV isolation at $10.75.

just add caps.

There wont be an IC as such, unless you look at some of the Maxim switched capacitor converters.

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Geoff C

Watch out for these, some I have used (from Farnell) do not regulate at very low loads like a few mA.

These are probably better for small loads like an LCD panel.

Dave :)

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David L. Jones

Try a MAX232 serial interface driver. It doesn't meet your specs exactly. It will do the following:

  1. 5 volt supply
  2. Output +10V and -10V. You can use an voltage divider to get your two 5 V outs if you only need a mA or two.

Cheers Glenn

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Could you approach it slightly differently by using 0/5v/10v and set the common to be 5v? I suppose it depends what the rest of your circuit is running at, but assuming all you other logic uses +5V then you could use a

7810 on the 12v supply to give your +5v rail, the output from a 7805 to give you your 0v rail, then when you want -5v you just use the ground from the original +12v supply.

Cheers, Gadget

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I bought some 12v to 9v DC-DC converter modules from (not to be confused with Altronics)

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and from memory they also had 12v to 5v modules. After searching their site today can't find the ones I bought (Powertech L12SER 2S09-GP), although they have the following
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Thought I'd at least mention alltronics anyway as their pricing seems good.

Also, these modules appear similar to the one I bought, but you may have to do a bit of searching to find out who sells them.

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JERD wrote:

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The old ICL7660 can do something like that, though you would need to reduce the input voltage by putting a regulator before the 7660.

There are probably plenty of newer parts but perhaps the old 7660 is easier to find.


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Chris Jones

A few milliamps? Why not just use a two 7805s have ones ground beind the others outputs and you will end up with +5 and +10.

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