RTOS/Embeded Linux / Driver Embedded Senior Engineer

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RTOS/Embeded Linux / Driver Embedded Senior Engineer
Job Category: Engineering - Embedded
City: Richardson, Texas

Job Description:
The strong Embedded SWE will be a member of the embeded software team.

Essential skills:
Embedded C Programming
Structured software development
Interrupts, multithreading, state machines
Working with legacy code

Familiarity with the following is desired:
ROT/Embeded Linux
Real-time operating systems
VOIP, TCP and Kernal software development

BSEE/CS or equivalent and 10+ years of experience in system software
design and development. Must be an expert in the C language, have
embedded programming experience. Needs to have the ability to learn an
existing design and proven track record of solving difficult problems.

Needs to have good written and verbal communication skills.
Please contact snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com

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