RTAI & LINUX: insmod rtai.o error

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Hi All,

I've run into a problem while trying to insmod rtai.o in linux. This
is my configuration:

Redhat Linux 7.3
kernel: 2.4.22-adeos

I've compiled the kernel and reboot fine. However, when i try to
insmod rtai.o, i get the following unresolved symbol:
"/lib/modules/2.4.22-adeos/rtai/rtai.o: unresolved symbol

Does this mean the the kernel was not properly compiled?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/insights as to how to
resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Re: RTAI & LINUX: insmod rtai.o error
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I have one: subscribe to RTAI mailing list. There is no better place to
ask this kind of question, not to mention they could help others and
even help developers to track problems.


Re: RTAI & LINUX: insmod rtai.o error

1. apply rtai patches to kernel source tree:
 eg. cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.22
 cat /rtaisourcedir/patcher/linux-2.4.22-adeos | patch -p1
 rename your linux-2.4.22 to linux-2.4.22-adeos
2. make config and make sure you have activated
 general > ADEOS support
3. make dep && make bzImage && make modules && make
 modules_install && make install
4. reboot your kernel, make sure you updated lilo, grub or
 what ever bootloder you use
5. clean up the /lib/module/2.4.22-adeos/rtai directory
 change to your rtai source dir and make config
 make dep && make install

mostly this problem is related to wrong kernel configuration or
old modules that depends on other kernel configuration.

Clean up /lib/`uname -r`/rtai directory

Make sure you compile this kernel without the debugging stuff.
at least with my installation i got permanent lock ups.

I myself use 2.4.23-rthal5 with rtai-24.1.13.

Hope that helps
greetings Jean

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