Compilation issue in module programming

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     I am writing a module, that communicates to the other module by
queues. I am using sys_msgget and related functions. I have assumed, if
the symbol is  present on /proc/kallsyms then the other modules can
refer symbol. For an example, the sys_msgget is appeared on the
symboltable. But it is not exported by any one of the
files(EXPORT_SYMBOL). So when i tried to use the sys_msgget to create a
message queue, my module was compiled with the warning and it never
loaded with insmod. It always says it could not resove the symbol
         So i  added EXPORT_SYMBOL(sys_msgget) in
arch/arm/kernel/armksyms.c. then build the image and my module. Then
the insmod works with my module without any problem.
  My question is that can i do this way??. Can i use sys_msgget in
module programming??. Since it is not explicitly exported i have the

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