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Has somebody sucessfully replaced the kernel version in Elinos? I have
Elinos 2.0 which comes with kernel 2.4.3. I would like to replace the kernel
by a newer 2.4.xx version. No matter, if I can't work with the link tree
Elinos provides.


Re: Replace Kernel in Elinos
First try: rename linux directory of the project and create a link "linux"
to new sources. Now Elk cannot load the project, it states:

Cannot load kernel specification in /arch/i386/
Kernel: ElkKConfParser: Parser Error.


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Re: Replace Kernel in Elinos

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Hi Thomas,
a had the same problem; unfortunately the sysgo-"support" ends at this point
if you bought only the BasicToolbox :-(  Original words from a sysgo
employee: "Warum nicht den ELK weglassen und in der Shell arbeiten?" ("Why
don't you skip the ELK and work with the shell?"). They offer to use an
other/newer kernel, but don't describe how to do that.

However, I'm using the command line tools in that way:
-copy the new kernel sources (i.e. into /opt/elinos/linux-2.4.22 for the
2.4.22 kernel)
-go into you elinos project directory
-type (like the doc describes):
   /opt/elinos/bin/elinos-linkkernel --kernelsrc=/opt/elinos/linux-2.4.22/
-go into the linux-dir in your project dir
-edit the makefile (look for the lines and edit/remove remarks):
   export       INSTALL_PATH=$(ELINOS_PROJECT)/boot
-go to arch/i386/boot/ and edit it:
   # skip the LILO stuff if installing in Elinos cross environment
   if [ -z "$ELINOS_BIN_PREFIX" ] ; then
    if [ -x /sbin/lilo ]; then /sbin/lilo; else /etc/lilo/install; fi

-than build your kernel and call make boot to build your linux.

I hope this helps,

Re: Replace Kernel in Elinos
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The usual reason for this is that there there is a syntax error
in a config file.

Elk is more picky about such errors than xconfig/menuconfig. As a quick
work-around, you could try using the commandline tools instead of Elk
(also see below).

And before everybody picks on this: Yes, I agree that Elk should be a
little more verbose here (such as point to the location of the syntax

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There is *no* support included in the BasicToolbox. That is the reason for
its low price, and I'm sure this is clear to any customer before he makes
the decision to buy it.

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I don't know who said or wrote that, and in what context. I can only
guess the situation was probably the same as the one described by Thomas
above: the prime reason for his problem is that the kernel tree he uses
has a config file with a syntax error. Elk fails to parse it because
it is more picky about ConfigLang syntax than the commandline tools are(*).
So a suitable work-around indeed is to use the commandline tools.

As always with work-arounds, this is not nice and clean, but at
least it lets the user continue his work (that's why they are called
work-arounds, not fixes. The clean solution would be to fix the
syntax error).

Nevertheless, this was a helpful hint after all, wasn't it? Plus,
apparently, it was given to you for free, even though, as a BasicToolbox
customer, you were not entitled to get support.

(*) Wether or not this is Elk's fault is at least debatable: Given a
    program with syntax errors, would you prefer:

    (1) a compiler that refuses to compile, indicating an error?
    (2) a compiler that silently ignores the fault, possibly
        doing whatever it believes is the Right Thing(tm)?

    I personally prefer (1)

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Here you say it's not described, but a few lines further ...

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.. it seems there *is* some description after all (section 4.6.1 in the
v2.0 Manual).

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Plus, there is even a tool (elinos-linkkernel) provided specifically
for the purpose, however ...

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... oops, hmm, well, I guess I'll have to admit that the manual does not
tell you this :-(. (It does remind you that the Elinos kernel tree contains
patches and the changes you describe here are part of those patches, but
one would expect that this caveat be mentioned explicitly).

I'll forward this to the people in charge so they can change the manual
accordingly for the next release. Thanks for pointing it out!


Robert Kaiser                         email:
Am Pfaffenstein 14                    phone: (49) 6136 9948-762
D-55270 Klein-Winternheim / Germany   fax:   (49) 6136 9948-10

Re: Replace Kernel in Elinos
Hi Robert,

will you be in Cologne at JAN/14 for the ELinOS 3.0/ Kernel 2.6 session


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