booting 2.6.13 kernel on ixp425 machine

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I am trying to boot kernel in an ixp425 machine. I am using a
proprietary bootloader that worked fine with 2.4 kernel. But there is a
problem with 2.6 kernel. I tried to debug a little using a jtag
debugger. The bootloader copies the zImage to a memory location (say,
0xXXXXX000) in the ram and jumps there. After that the PC is caught in
a loop 0xXXXXX62e - 0xXXXXX630 - 0xXXXXX634 - 0xXXXXX638 - 0xXXXXX62e
.... The image is not even umcompressed. Has anything changed from 2.4
to 2.6 kernel which requires the bootloaders to do something more/extra
(for arm architecture).

[Sorry for corss-posting, I also posted this on but i think this is a more appropriate group]

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