Easy way to write a diskonchip?

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Hi all,
I have a couple of Boundless Capio's here and I noticed they have a
diskonchip 2000 inside. I was thinking to put linux on it (they now
carry wince).. I am kind of new with diskonchip (not new with linux).
What would be the easiest way to be able to write to the chip? Is there
anything like a USB diskonchip writer where I could just plug in the
chip and write it?
I noticed they sell the DiskOnChip Carrier Card on m-systems, but I am
not really clear on how to connect this to my pc.. Anyone can point me
in the right direction?


PS Please reply in this newgroup so other people might benefit from
your answer.

Re: Easy way to write a diskonchip?

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The DOC carrier card is basically a PCI card.  There is a socket for
the DOC to be plugged into on this board.  Then, a DOS application on
the PC can be used to do a ton of different low-level twiddling on the
DOC.  In some cases, I believe this is the ONLY way to do some of the
low-level operations needed.

We purchased one of these carrier cards and corresponding socket.  I
think the total price was around $150 USD.


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