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Raspberry Hill

After February 10 2015, the day for new beginning of civilisation
with the launch of the Ubuntu phone, I think my head will just
expand until it can't fill the room I sat it.

As my first act of welcoming in the new age,
I think I shall march up some big hill, taking with me
my big head and all, and blow raspberries at any one
who may pass by with their ipones and andoid pones
whilst waving my shiny new Ubuntu Phone.

Now remember trolls, if it ain't running Ubuntu,
its probably ain't no good.

With a large part of the existing Appil and Andoid
Osen dedicated to stealing metadata from phones
and passing it to the mothership and NSA trolls
who are illegally pilfering CPU usage and information
from smart phones, your Ubuntu phone might be doing
more work for you than competitors.

All your apps have been moved cleanly out of the
phone and into webapps now.

So that means this is the time to race to download
Ubuntu download pages and set up your own private servers with
web based apps that make light usage of data and heavy
use of server CPU to produce stunning new technologies.

My first act will be to try and get shellinabox working
with https.

I won't need any more apps running on the phone if I can rely
on a phone being a good web browser and Ubuntu server to
run a myriad of new fangled services. You got things like
gambas, php, python, mysql, sqlite3, gcc and a myriad of other
crital mass exceeded free tools to make the web apps work 100% through  
browser with a smartphone dedicated to making things work through web  

A megzillion web apps is where things are going with Ubuntu phone,
Ubuntu distro and the free mega Ubuntu, Linux and open source
developer environment. And if you got IoT experience, you can make the
Apache server link through gambas/php/python etc to the IO pins
and serial ports on the motherboard and control every gadget
as well as beam out report on everything that is happening.
I for one am very pleased to move to this new
world with plenty of real estate for all to make new gadgets
and services.

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