New BarracudaDrive Embedded Web-Server

BarracudaDrive is the example program for the Barracuda Embedded Web-Server

The new version includes support for international characters.

JavaScript is using a similar syntax as C code, and, therefore, you can easily progress to advance JavaScript programming. BarracudaDrive can be used as a test application for controlling a device by using JavaScript. The JSON Web-Services API provided by the file manager can be controlled from either JavaScript or a scripting language such as Python. Download BarracudaDrive and see the possibilities of the ubiquitous HTTP infrastructure to remote control a device, run device regression test scripts, etc. Our Java File Manager and client command line Python scripts use the JSON Web-Services API to control the remote drive.

The File Manager in BarracudaDrive is not a product, but is delivered as an example program in the Barracuda development platform. The file manager serves as an example of how easily one can design advanced applications using the Barracuda development platform.

BarracudaDrive combines only three examples from the Barracuda development platform and has still received a number of 5 star awards.

There you have it! A good web-server can do much more than just serving (dynamic) HTML pages to a browser.

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