Speaker drivers to replace computer speakers

Can someone suggest a speaker driver, with good dynamic range, suitable for an AKAI 1980s vintage amp. Budget $60-$80 for 2 drivers that can be directly connected, don't want to do a crossover.

I want to replace a set of cheap computer speakers, and get better sound than speakers found in computer shops.


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Gregory Toomey
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**They may be difficult to obtain (and you don't mention driver size, BTW), but one of the best cheap drivers is made by Aura. It is a twin cone, 100mm driver. What makes it very different to most others, is it's use of Neodymium magnets. I replaced my Sony TV set speaker with one and picked up significant improvements in bass response, efficiency, HF performance and smoothness. I will see if I can still lay my hands on some. They were about $12.00 each.
Trevor Wilson
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Trevor Wilson

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