i am new to pc104 --- Help

is there any one who manufacture pc104 with pentium 4 and firewire , Pci slot. if so can you refer me to his web page? or correct me if i am wrong.

thanks alot


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I don't know if there are PC/104 board running P4 chips. P4s use a lot of power and get very hot. They are normally run with heat sinks larger than a PC104 board. But a search on google should let you know if any are around.

When you ask about a PCI slot, I'm not sure what you mean. PC104 boards can have a PCI interface, but PC104 is a stack through formfactor meaning the boards sit one on top of the other with a connector that has pins on one side of the board and a socket on the other. This is called a PC104+ board. There is also a new version that has eliminated the PC104 connector and is called PCI104, so it only has the PCI connector.

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