pre-configured panel pc with cf and qt or qt/e available?

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Hello Readers,

I am looking for preconfigured panel PC without a harddisk but a compact
flash (with telnet, ftp - but I could implement it myself) where I can run a
QT application. QT/embedded would be preffered. But obviously most
manufacturers offer only Windows XP/embedded. Setting up linux for small
quantities is too much efford.
 Now I have running qt/embedded on one with 10 " (ROI Economy), but now the
manufacturer seems to have changed the touch screen or something else,
because my old setup does not run anymore. Now I had to search for a touch
driver and to install everything again.

Is there somewhere a hardware + software list?
There are many vendors, but e.g. I do not know any who offers qt/embedded
installed on a CF shipped with the pc.

There are also some people here, who would offer to install such a system.
But to pay one weeks working time for some three devices is too expensive.
If there was qt/embedded on windows xp/embedded I would maybe think about
changing the system...


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