Embedded Linux on ARM Platform

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I have ARM Platform evaluation board (ARM integrator/CP & ARM 920T
Processor) in my office.

I am a newbie in this area, so just wondering if I can utilise the
above platform to be operated under embedded linux OS. (ucLinux or

How to upload the embedded linux OS to the above platform ?

FYI, the platform is connected to my PC using multi ICE interface. I
use this interface to upload all of my C Code to the platform.

Anyone can direct me to some useful URL ?


Best regards.


Re: Embedded Linux on ARM Platform
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With an ARM920T I believe you should be able to run full Linux - ucLinux
is only required for processors with no MMU/MPU.

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Usually with afu.axf or bootfu.axf IIRC - both come with the ARM
Firmware Suite. This may have come with your multi ICE (if it's an ARM
multi ICE?), more info here:


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should have some more useful info on prebuilt Linux binaries for that

HTH, Pete

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