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I am writing a Linux 2.6.10 device driver running on an MPC8248
processor and am having difficulty sending an ARP response to the

#1 sent an ARP request to #2.  #2 responded back to #1 with it's
hardware address.  So, I have #1's IP & hardware address and #2's IP
and hardware address.  I am on #1 and am calling arp_create to get an
sk_buff to send to the kernel using netif_rx.

The declaration for arp_create is:

struct sk_buff *arp_create(int type, int ptype, u32 dest_ip,
               struct net_device *dev, u32 src_ip,
               unsigned char *dest_hw, unsigned char *src_hw,
               unsigned char *target_hw)

I think I have the 1st (type), 2nd (ptype) , and 4th (dev) arguments

arp_create(ARPOP_REPLY, ETH_P_ARP, dest, dev, src_ip, dest_hw, src_hw,


Is "dest" #1's or #2's IP address?
Is "src_ip" #1's or #2's IP address?
Is "dest_hw" #1's or #2's hardware address?
Is "src_hw" #1's or #2's hardware address?
Is "target_hw" #1's or #2's hardware address?

Thank you.

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