PC/104 bridge

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It seems like the PC/104 / ISA is the preferred for PC/104 systems compared
to PC/104+ / PCI, because the ISA is so much simpler to use and is fast
enough for most applications. However, there is a problem here. Software
development for these systems is obvious on a Linux PC with e.g. Borland
Kylix, but you can no longer directly interface your desktop PC with the
PC/104 / ISA since new PC's do no longer have the ISA bus. Is it possible to
get a bridge to get an ISA or PC/104 bus in a modern PC with only PCI slots?



Re: PC/104 bridge
AFAIK, some PC/104 suppliers also have standard PC motherboards that
have a PC/104 socket for those cards.


Re: PC/104 bridge
I know, but I would like to use a standard desktop PC and not a dedicated
very expensive one.


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Re: PC/104 bridge

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If you really need a PC with an ISA slot then perhaps the best thing to
do is to put a PC togther yourself using a motherboard with an ISA slot.
I did this 2-3 months ago and found that there are a few motherboards
still available, and are up-to-date in other respects.

I can't remember the type I purchased now, but I didn't have too much
trouble finding one.


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