Cost analysis for Embedded Linux?

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Hi all,

      Am working on a project that aims to device an Embedded System
which has serial input and GPRS output.

Like this

Serial data ====> Embedded System (using GPRS modem) ===> UDP/TCP to
internet cloud.
(Processing)                                          (Output)

This has to be very very cost effective hence. my question is

Is there a Embedded Linux Distribution that has support for GPRS
drivers and charges the minimum for commercial development (OS+
Deveopment Tools) for three developers MAX.

the linux distribution that does charges nothing/ negligible as run-
time royalty/unit.

or is there a link you can provide that gives me these data.  I did
try my best with google but dint give me a proper answer.

Thanks in Advance,

Re: Cost analysis for Embedded Linux?

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Why bother building something when there are cheap off the shelf units
already available. You could, for example, look at:

Siemens MC35i (
Comtech GPRS router
( )
Fargo Maestro 100
( )
Motorola G200 (e.g. ).

E-mail me privately if you would like to know more about my experience
with these devices. (My company produces railway monitoring systems
that are often installed in remote and hazardous locations and we use
GPRS extensively for communications beck to central servers.)

Chris Isbell
Southampton, UK

Re: Cost analysis for Embedded Linux?
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Hi Chris,

     Thanks a lot for you response, but the problem i have is.  We are
first in the phase of developing a POC (Proof Of Concept) then looking
at the load we would scale down and decide upon the hardware.  We have
a dedicated hardware design team for this reason i cant go purchase
any hardware unit outside.

    Once we are done with the POC (which will be done for a desktop
PC) using a USB interfaced GPRS modem, then we would scale the
hardware and decide upon the OS to be used and finally port the code
to the target device. i seriously doubt if there are any GPRS Drivers
available in any of the Embedded Linux.  and i also wanted to the cost
analysis in choosing among Embedded LInux and Windows Embedded.

Re: Cost analysis for Embedded Linux?
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AFAIK, normal GPRS-Modems just have a serial interface doing PPP. So any
Linux should be able to use it.

Do you ask because you want to do a lower level GPRS installation to
save cost  ?


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