gdbserver debug multithreads program

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I'm trying to remotely debug a multithreaded application with
When the program reaches a breakpoint gdbserver exit with "Child
terminated with signal = 0x5".
Gdbserver version 6.3 is running on a debian linux box because I don't
have the embedded card yet (and is the standard packet installed with
debian linux).
Does gdbserver support debugging of multithreaded applications?
If not, where can I find patch to do this? (I read something about but
I don't found nothing).

Thanks in advance, bye.

Re: gdbserver debug multithreads program
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I have tried gdb 6.4 and it does support multithreaded applications. It
tells you when a new thread is created and you can have a list of your
application's threads. However, while debugging a thread (e.g. execution
step by step) all the other threads continue running normally. Depending
on your applications this may be an issue or not.

You can download DGB 6.4 from /

Good luck !

Re: gdbserver debug multithreads program
I don't understand if you use gdb or gdbserver. With gdb 6.3 I can
debug locally a multithreaded application.  I had the problem when I
tried to debug the application remotely with gdbserver.

Jesus Hernandez ha scritto:

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