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I need to be able to 'map' an ordinary user to root...

Here's the scenario:

I am developing for an embedded platform.  On my development box, I work
as an ordinary user.  As I compile stuff, I place it into a ~/boot

The ~/boot dir is nfsmounted by the embedded SBC as its root fs.

The problem is that the files in ~/boot are owned by
ordinary_user:ordinary_user, and nfsmounted as being owned by user
1001:1001.  This wreaks all sorts of havoc when the embedded system
wants to boot.

I could change the files in ~/boot to be all owned by root, but that is
a major PITA, since I'd have to be root to make changes to the fs.

I could do development as root, which is probably a "really bad
idea"(tm).  :-)

Or I could figure out some way to get nfs to 'map' user 1001:1001 to
user 0:0 when it mounts the root fs.

ISTR I could do that at one time, but I can't figure out how....


Re: Mapping users on mount
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The 'exports' (5) man page shows the options to do it:

   Map  all  uids  and  gids to the anonymous user. Useful for NFS-exported
public FTP
   directories, news spool directories, etc. The  opposite  option  is
   which is the default setting.

anonuid and anongid
   These options explicitly set the uid and gid of the anonymous account.  This
   is primarily useful for PC/NFS clients, where you might want all requests
appear to
   be  from  one  user.  As an example, consider the export entry for /home/joe
in the
   example section below, which maps all requests to uid 150 (which is
supposedly that
   of user joe).

use all_squash, and set the anonuid and anongid to root.
(unless NFS has some built-in security features to prevent you doing this)


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