Advantech SOM-4450

I just bought an Advantech SOM-4450 CSB-4004 board from eBay and would like to experiment with it. The problem is that it did not come with a manual, even though it was factory sealed from Advantech. I would like to know which type of 5V adaptor would fit this (i.e which polarity). The advantech site only gives a basic manual about the 4450 board, but mine is mounted on a larger board that has VGA/IDE, etc connectors on it. Does anybody know where I might find the manual?



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I run an Advantech 4452 with a SCEPTRE, I.T.E. Power Supply Model AD1805B P/N PSD5037APL6A Ouputs 4.0-5.5V, max 3.8amps

Hope that helps, TonyB

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