make xconfig problem in snapgear3.1.1

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Hi all ,

       I am using snapgear3.1.1 new distrubution for porting linux
2.6.20 on to X86 arch based board which contains ElanSc 520
processor.When i first installed the snapgear and the tool chain
i386-linux tools.with the command make xconfig i am getting the below

Application intialization failed :couldn't connect to display "0.0"
error in starting script :invalid command name "button"
while executing

make:***[xconfig] Error 1

               What could be the problem .Please give me your valuable

With Regards,

Re: make xconfig problem in snapgear3.1.1
Hi sudheervemana,
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It sounds like you can't connect to the X server (I assume you are
actually running one).  Have you changed users using 'su' or telnet/ssh
and logged in again ?
Generally, the only person who can connect to the X server is the user
who started it.
If you want to give other users access, try using the 'xhost' program.
e.g. xhost +local:0


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