Problem in Xilkernel

I have a problem when I try to use Xilkernel in a Spartan 3E. I initialize the "xilkernel_main()", and all seems to be OK. The problem is that I can't launch the first thread stored in the "static_pthread_table".

Is there some manual??? Here is the output, the mss file and code for the application:

-- Entering main() -- XMK: Start XMK: Initializing Hardware... XMK: Initializing PIT device. XMK: System initialization... XMK: Enabling interrupts and starting system... Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task Idle Task .........

BEGIN OS PARAMETER OS_NAME = xilkernel PARAMETER OS_VER = 3.00.a PARAMETER PROC_INSTANCE = microblaze_0 PARAMETER stdout = RS232_DCE PARAMETER stdin = RS232_DCE PARAMETER systmr_dev = opb_timer_1 PARAMETER config_debug_support = true PARAMETER verbose = true PARAMETER sched_type = SCHED_PRIO PARAMETER systmr_interval = 5 PARAMETER systmr_freq = 50000000 PARAMETER static_pthread_table = ((setup,1)) END

------------- #include "xmk.h" #include "os_config.h" #include "sys/process.h" #include "pthread.h" #include "xparameters.h" #include "stdio.h" #include "stdlib.h" #include "string.h"

//==================================================== void* setup(); int main() {

print("-- Entering main() --\r\n");

xilkernel_main(); }

void* setup() { print("Hello world \r\n"); return 0; }

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I have got the same problem.What is the reason?How do you solve it? I really need your help. Thank you very much!


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