Improving real-time behavior with kernel drivers

It has been suggested in prior posts that response time and real-time behaviors may be improved by moving a time-critical task into a kernel driver due to the lower latency. An isr was also mentioned but it isn't clear if kernel drivers are isrs by default, or the particular kernel driver would want to also install an isr.

Do kernel drivers differ greatly from Linux to uClinux?

I do not currently have the option to upgrade or modify my ucLinux kernel, but if there is a way to improve the deterministic behavior with better coding (kernel driver, or?) that may be good enough. Can someone fill me in on some details?

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A kernel driver is not an isr.



No? Is your kernel compiled with module support? If yes, you can load a self-compiled kernel module at runtime.

You should read the linux device driver handbook.



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Wolfgang Mües

I see several similar books, but not one with this title. Are you recommending a particular book here?

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"Linux device drivers" by Rubini and others (on O'Reilly)

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The content is even available in the Internet.


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Michael Schnell

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