eRTOS real-time?

Hi all!

I am planning to use a real-time os with tcp/ip on top of DOS on a x86 board. Because my project is commercial I would have to pay much for uCOS-II and a TCP/IP stack that is compatible with it. Now I saw that there is the free eRTOS with TCP/IP support comming from WATTCP. Unfortunately in the readme the following is written: " The name suggests this is a real time OS, which is a misnomer due to the removal of a 3rd party real time OS component, but it is a multithreaded programming environment which supports 16 and 32 bit DOS apps. " Does anyone use eRTOS and can tell me if it is ok at least for soft real-time requirements? I need to do some AD conversion and would like to be able to schedule tasks in time. That is the reason why I do not use a Java board.

Thanks a lot! Anguel

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