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Hi all
We need some immediate help on this matter.
First of all we have untared the uClinux and we are trying to build
the dependencies.
The command "make xconfig" works fine. We selected the Vendor as Intel
and platform IXDP2800.
The kernel we chose was 2.4.x and the library as glibc.
After the "make xconfig ", when we give "make dep" we are getting an
error as
" make[3]: arm-linux-gcc: Command not found ". This is just a part of
the message that i am reproducing.
Is there any changes we need to make to the Makefile?
We have also downloaded and untared the m68k toolchain.
Please help ASAP.
Thanks in advance

Re: Help on uClinux
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So you don't have Arm compiled installed or it doesn't find it
in your path..

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Amd why the hell you would need m68k compiler????


Re: Help on uClinux
Thanks Rick
Well now we have downloaded the precompiled toolchain for i386. But
still getting the same error....
Should we create a proper workspace and in which path should these
tools be included.?
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Help on uClinux
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Didn't you mention something about Intel IXP2800 series?
This is an Xscale architecture and not x86...

You didn't tell much about your target hard
to guess on this side...besides...why do you want to
use uclinux if you have either x86 or Xscale? You can use
normal Linux kernel for that...


Re: Help on uClinux
Thanks for the info about Xscale.

Our target and host architecture is x86 only.
So I guess we dont need any cross compiler...
Still we need to use the Uclinux...

Is it possible to just use only the normal Linux kernel if we have
both the target and host same?

But the bottom line is, we have to initially try booting the target
with a simple embedded application using uclinux.

Could you suggest whether we can go for precompiled toolchain for the
same... or it will be better if we could just try building the
toolchain on our own. We know that this would be a trial and error
method because we need to find out the proper versions for all the
components of the toolchain.

We are using linux kernel 2.4.18-14(both host and target)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help on uClinux
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You don't need...don't see the reason why...

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If they are the same type of x86 CPU...yes...

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You don't have to...x86 kernel has nothing to do with uclinux...
and user applications in uclinux come from regular Linux side...

So if your host and target are the same you could just use
the native applications on your host or even install
one of those many x86 Linux distributions..

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Never used x86 gcc for cross-compiling...but am pretty sure
it has also some target switches...try gcc --target-help
for instance to have a listing of target options...

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you're welcome...afterwards (o;

Re: Help on uClinux
Thanks a lot or your reply.
All these days, I was not able to reply, there was some problem with my
login or so,,, not sure.

****Note: I am mailing this from my friends id****

I have taken up ur advice and have dropped the use of uclinux. I am
just using a normal linux kernel.

Well now that I have got my kernel image as vmlinuz-KERNELVERSION, not
I need to create a bootable floppy to boot a dumb target that does not
have Linux in it. I also need to include a small application. What
should I do next?

I have also checked the grub.conf file... It has appended the lines for
the new kernel.
The initrd-KERNELVERSION.img file is also present.

Which are the files I need to copy into the floppy?
Should I format it as an ext2 file system?

Should I go for a compressed file system if I do not have Linux
installed in my target?

Can  i run a small c program at startup/ Will this be an entry into
embedded system?

Please reply
 Thanks in advance

Re: Help on uClinux
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Not that this helps, but it sounds like you are in over your head.

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