On 2.6 kernel, about DISCONTIGMEM issue

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2.6 kernel DISCONTIGMEM issue
There is a trouble wanted to ask for help,in linux 2.6,
On ARM9 board, the physical memory DDR-SDRAM have four banks, it's
total 256MB,decode of hw as follow....
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 1    0x3C00_0000    0x3FFF_FFFF - 64MB
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 2    0x3400_0000    0x37FF_FFFF - 64MB
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 3    0xC000_0000    0xC3FF_FFFF - 64MB
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 4    0xC400_0000    0xC7FF_FFFF - 64MB
Set to flat memory,it can be choose each bank1~4,but limited to
now I want to set all memory for OS or AP,except HW usage to
will left...
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 1    0x3E20_0000    0x3FFF_FFFF - 30MB
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 2    0x35A0_0000    0x37FF_FFFF - 38MB
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 3    0xC200_0000    0xC3FF_FFFF - 32MB
DDR2-SDRAM Memory 4    0xC400_0000    0xC5FF_FFFF - 32MB
On HW requirement, it should start OS from 4th bank (C400_0000), then
bank 4->3->1->2,I will get 132MBmemory for Linux kernel,I have been
search about KERNEL ~kernel_home/include/asm-arm/memory.h shown method
of  DISCONTIGMEM to process the issue,but follow by others example on
kernel,by  different decode,but still sight to
kernel_home\include\asm-arm\arch-aaec2000 as follow:
 * The nodes are the followings:
 *   node 0: 0xf000.0000 - 0xf3ff.ffff
 *   node 1: 0xf400.0000 - 0xf7ff.ffff
 *   node 2: 0xf800.0000 - 0xfbff.ffff
 *   node 3: 0xfc00.0000 - 0xffff.ffff
It's large different to my problem,I don't know how to solve this
And ask for help,In linux kernel, How can I port the needed code for
discounting memory usage on physical memory that can set to use for
Linuxsystem & AP, thanks a lots!!

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