How to download bootloader to MX1?

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I got a MX1(9328) board with system on it and I havn't the bootloader.
I want to do some test on MX1. So, I must have the ability to recover
current system which is already in the board. I have downloaded
LINUX_BSP_0_3_6 from moto's website.

In LINUX_BSP_0_3_6, there is a bootloader and some document which
describes the download steps:

Program the Bootloader Image in Bootstrap Mode

1.Configure Hyperterminal to 115200, 8-bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, and
no flow control
2.Choose Settings under the File/Properties menu.  In ASCII Setup, set
"Line delay" to 1 and check the box of "Append line feeds to incoming
line ends"
3.Connect either UART to the COM port Hyperterminal is listening to
Set the boot mode swtich to all ON for bootstrap mode
4.Power on the ADS
5.Type 'a'.  MX1/L will autodetect the baud rate.  If the board does
not respond with ':', please lower the baudrate and try again
Press <ENTER>.  The cursor will move to the start of the next line
6.Select "Transfer/Send Text File" and send
Programming will automatically start.  
The messages "Erasing flash...", "Blank checking...",
"Programming...", "Verifying flash....", and "Programming finished"
will be displayed one after one to reflect progress through the

But I have got another document of download bootloader.

Linux Programming Guide for DBMX1
Step 1:
Select "Transfer/Send Text File" and select the latest version of
bootloader 'txt file' e.g. " bootloader\boot0.2.0.txt" to download the
addresses for the BootLoader image file.
You will see on the hyperterminal window
* Program MX1 Linux Bootloader *
* Source : 0x0A000000 *
* Destination : 0x0C000000 *
* Size : 0x00004000 (16K) *
Getting Started
Program the 'Bootloader' to flash memory
Step 2:
Next we need to download and run the xModem' protocol receive
program. to do so, select "Transfer/Send Text File" and select the
latest version of 'xmReceive' program file e.g.
You should see the file downloading and the following message when
the download is successful.
MX1ADS X-Modem Receive v0.1 2001/12/28
Start address (stored in 0x00300000): 0x0A000000
Press any key to start transfer ...
When the message "Press any key to start transfer ..." display on
hyperterminal window, press <ENTER> and you would see the
message "Please start transfer from PC ..." (ADS is ready to receive
binary image file)
Step 3:
Select "Transfer/Send File". Then select the latest version
binary image file e.g. "bootloader\boot0.2.0.bin" with protocol
When transfer completed, you would see the message "Transfer
When the message "Press 'a' to continue ..." display on the window,
enter the character 'a' and you would see the ':' character display on
Press <ENTER> and you would see the cursor move to the start of the
next line.
Step 4:
Select "Transfer/Send Text File" and select the latest flashProg
e.g. "~utilities\flashProg04_b.txt"
Downloading of flash program begin.
Press <ENTER> when you see the message "Press any key to start
programming ..." and you would see the message "Erasing flash ...",
followed by "Programming ...", then finally "Programming finished."

In the second method, xreceive and flashprog are required, but i can't
get them.

Could anybody who has experence with MX1 tell me which method is
right? If the second method is right, how can i get the needed files?


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