MX1 (arm assembly)


I'm currently evaluationg the MX1 ADS board and i love it ! I'm new to the embedded world. After few weeks, i have made my own little distribution

But i'll have to program some assembly program. For the moment i only know x86 asm but I'm quite happy to learn a new assembly language. But i'm looking for advices:

- I'm looking for a simulator (for linux x86), to practice and trace step by step my arm program. Because it's quite a loss of time to transfer from pc to mx1 (i use zmodem or ftp) [i'm trying to mount an nfs partition, but it don't seem to work : busybox's mount is too primitive?]

- In the MX1ADS board there is 3 partions inside the flash : bootloader/kernel/rootdisk. How to manage/resize these partitions ?

- Is there a place where i should take a really complte arm cross tool chain. For the moment i have the "basic" one : gcc 2.95.3/glib 2.2.3. But i have some problems to build a new one from scratch (define inhibit hack ???).. it doesn't compile.

Thanks a lot.

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