Snapgear Embedded Linux for x86 platform

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I want to run embedded linux on x86 (using PC motherboard as my
development system). The application is embedded hence I am not
interested in running standard Linux even though the development
system is a PC mother board. Especially I am interested in running
non-swapping memory model.

I have picked up Snapgear Embedded Linux sources from here 3.0.0.tar.gz

My question is what tools chain should I choose ? Will the i386
toolchain set from Snapgear's web site be the right choice ? Such as

Does it contain tools to generate romfs etc. so that I can create a
truly embedded system ?

I have a lot of experience in embedded systems but I am a completely
newbie when it comes to Linux/Embedded Linux. So any help is really



Re: Snapgear Embedded Linux for x86 platform
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Yes, That toolchain set should do everything you need for any x86 target.

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Most of them are in the tgz, any that aren't, either those expected to be on any
normal linux development PC, or fairly obvious and easy to download from public

let me know if you have trouble finding/using any and we'll try and put them in
next toolchain release.


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