help : uboot crosscompile problem

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I want to compile boot.bin in redhat linux box based on u-boot 1.1.0 for
ads860 board, but I can not find the toolchain for ppc860_gcc-**** when make
all .Who can tell me where can i find these or how can I generate by myself
in linux box?


Re: help : uboot crosscompile problem

The project name is "U-Boot"  (not  uboot  or  so).  Please  use  the
correct name. Also, U-Boot related questions have much better chances
for helpful replies on the u-boot-users mailing list.

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Wolfgang Denk

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Re: help : uboot crosscompile problem
Hi Tony,

    If you're wanting to build your own toolchain you should take a look at
Karim's book: Building Embedded Linux Systems.  It's a fantastic book & goes
into great detail on building toolchains.  He also has a great example on an
MPC860 toolchain build described on his website...   I was
able to use the notes to successfully build a toolchain for an MPC823...
which is fairly similar... from my understanding thus far.  If you really
want to have personalized instruction... I highly recommend taking one of
Karim's classes.  I took one a few weeks ago.... It was fantastic and was a
great starting point for me to starting building my own tools... instead of
being tied to a particular vendors typically outdated tools.

Best Regard,

Edwin Bland

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