configuring flash in uboot

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/*sorry for crossposting, but I would really appreciate if somebody
can suggest something*/

Hi, I am configuring u-boot to my board running on atmel processor,
arm926ejs core. The flash is from ST microelectronics, Nand512-A,
64Mbyte, configured on 8bit I/O bus, page size: 512 bytes, block size:

Now, in u-boot they accept in sectors, but am not having any clue how
this is related to sectors.

Can anybody please advice what values should I give for
CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT, CFG_ENV_ADDR(considering if I have to write my env
in 2nd sector, then I need to know the sector size).....the datasheet
doesnot seem to provide information about this..actually, i am trying
to correlate between, pages, blocks and sectors as in flash data sheet
and sector size meant by uboot. And also wondering which flash driver
I should select from u-boot as my board is not listed there.(maybe I
should select cfi_flash)

In AMD flash's its clearly given the number of sectors, but not in ST

thanks a lot,

Thanks a lot,

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