S1D13706 problem - please help.


I have just made some basic operations on Epson S1D13706 LCD controller driving 320x240 TFT display. Everything looks good - programming config registers, writting and reading display memory, configuring LCD clock, HSYNC, VSYNC end ENAB signals. However there is one thing: when I initialize configuration registers,LUT and erase display memory (all bytes set to 0) LCD displays nothing as it should (display is blank - color number 0 from 256 palette is 0x00,0x00,0x00). But when I write a single byte 0x01 (where color 1 is red) to display memory then instead of lighting just one pixel I can see that the WHOLE COLUMN is displayed. Why can't I control just one pixel? Has anyone had a problem like mine?

Regards Daniel

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Daniel Hanczewski
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