WAV player . Suggestions ?

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    I'm looking for a simple SMALL WAV player that'll just work from
command line. It's to run under a 2.4 kernel on an ES1868 audio
processor. It's just to output the occassional warning/status message.
Fidelity & reproduction quality isn't an issue.

    Need something that doesn't need TDK, Gnome, KDE etc.

    Also, I guess I'll need a utility to set the sound volume.

    Anyone got any recommendations ?

Re: WAV player . Suggestions ?
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Mike wrote:
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To play a WAV file from the commandline, I use the 'play' binary from the sox
(aka Sound eXchage) package maintained by Chris Bagwell ( snipped-for-privacy@sprynet.com).

To set sound volumes from the commandline (non-interactive), I use the
'smixer' package written by David Johnson
(http://centerclick.org/programs/smixer /)

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Re: WAV player . Suggestions ?

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Thanks for that. I've downloaded it all, and built it, just got to get
it working, but that's my problem I guess.

Thanks again.

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