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I hope this is the right group for this question.  If not, please send me
packing to the correct place :)

I am developing for an embedded target (RH 6.2).  To do so, the vendor
recommends glibc21 be used.  I installed it and found in a seperate file the, which sets LDEMULATION and GCC_EXEC_PREFIX.

My environment: 2.4.24 kernel, RedHat 7.2, g++ 3.3.2.
The kernel is a custom build so that the MTD drivers are enabled.  When I
created it, i used the i686 profile (instead of the i386), and this has
resulted in the include search path trying to find GCC_EXEC_PREFIX +

After various include attempts, the preprocessor defaults to
/usr/local/include/c++/3.3.2 , etc...

Similarly, the link fails because (i think) the wrong is being
brought in.  Actually, i'm thinking that maybe this library would not be
needed if the compile referenced the appropriate includes.

I realize this looks like quite a mess!

My questions are:  is there a glibc21 setup that can be used with g++ 3.3.2
in a RH 7.2 environment?  If so, how can I set it up?  If not, what should I
change to achieve this compatibility?

I can create a -static exe under 3.3.2, but it's too big, and for a reason I
can't explain yet, it still doesn't run in the target environment.  I think.
 I just can't see what's going on there :)

I think i need some expert help with this one.

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