Job posting: full-time position for embedded programmer

A full-time position for embedded software engineer / digital designer is available in startup company, located SUNY at Stony Brook campus. We are looking for creative person to be responsible for design and development specialized Linux-embedded image processor for an innovative medical imaging system. The position requires previous experience in digital design, image processing and embedded programming. Experience in fluorescent imaging and is an advantage. Please send resume to Alexander Beylin at

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I happen to have a vague idea where SUNY at Stony Brook is, in fact I might even be able to translate the acronym. However I suspect the full meaning is lost to most readers in Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Finland, France, Russia, Poland, Rumania, China, Israel, Brazil, etc. All of these (and many more) are users of c.a.e.

(Broad hint to world: New York state in USA).

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