embedded OSS sound driver

Hi all,

Currently I am working an embedded OSS sound driver, my sound IC is controlled by i2c and with ssi channels.

Due to my i2c is really heavy loaded, so I need to disable the dma before access the the sound IC register (e.g. volume control)via i2c.

I use the following two scripts to disable the dma.

dmaflags = claim_dma_lock(); disable_dma(ssi_dma);

And I use these lines to enable the dma.

enable_dma(ssi_dma); release_dma_lock(dmaflags);

However, I find that when I tune the volume very frequently, the sound play faster than normal. I am very sure that it caused by stopping dma, but I don't know how to fix it. Any idea?

Many thanks.

Regards, Jacky

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Jacky Cheung
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