Vizio 2.0 Sound Bar SB2020n-J6 - learning the TV's remote

I just bought a Vizio sound bar, model SB2020n-J6, which is the cheap 2.0 sound bar. It has a feature that allows the sound bar to "learn" the IR codes transmitted by your TV remote's Volume-, Volume+, and Mute buttons. That's so you can use your TV remote to control the sound bar. I have a Sharp TV, and haven't been able to get the learn function to work.

According to the manual, if I hold down the OK and Mute buttons on the Vizio remote for about 5 seconds, the sound bar will go into learning mode and display a blinking white LED. Then you hit the Mute button on the TV remote, which the sound bar should learn. Basically like a universal learning remote.

I get the blinking, but it's amber, not white, and it doesn't learn. The same for Volume- and Volume+. Volume- should have a blinking yellow LED, and Volume+ should have blinking amber. But on mine all three are blinking amber.

I don't want to take this one back only to have the replacement do the same thing. So I wondered if anyone here also has this model, and could at least tell mw what the three blinking colors are, and of course whether the learning function works at all.

Vizio support says it's probably incompatibility with Sharp remotes. They also say there is no new firmware for this model.

If anyone can shed any light on this, I would appreciate it. It's a pain to have to use the Vizio remote for volume functions, and the other remote to change channels. If it matters, I'm using an optical cable. This sound bar model doesn't have HDMI in or out, so the interaction HDMI would permit isn't available.

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This is no help at all, but we found out that some Vizio products are not compatible with some Comcast/Xfinity remotes, most especially the non-interactive (speak-to) remotes. Our solution was to 'trade' the Vizio product for an equally cheap Insignia product that was compatible. I hope there is another solution in your case.

Peter Wieck Melrose Park, PA

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Peter W.

Thanks very much. I'll take a look at the Insignia sound bars at BestBuy.

I can also get around the problem by switching back to the analog feed from the earphone jack on the TV. Then all the TV controls work again. I was just hoping to keep the digital audio, although I suspect it may not make much difference in sound quality.

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