Stable Sound? Steady Sound?

I bought a Sony TV with a feature called "Stable Sound" that is supposed to... stabilize the sound when changing channels. The (tiny) documentation don't mention if TV commercials or other blasting sounds from the same channel is also controlled. So far I didn't find much stabilisation in the sound. I don't use the built-in TV tuner but my satellite box to tune in and change channels.

Few months ago, I built a 2:1 sound compressor that can also be switch to automatic level processor with the old National Semiconductors NE572 analog chip. Let me say it is far superior to the "Stable Sound" I got.

I'm not sure it is the correct group for this question but... anyone else found Stable Sound not that efficient as it should bel?



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I suspect that the system built into your TV only works if you use the built in tuner. Secondary inputs like SCART or SVideo probably bypass the built in compressor.

Otherwise this has to be the most wanted feature not yet commonly available in TVs. Everyone I know complains about the dynamic range being too great (typically dialog in drama programs is too quiet and adverts and introductory music/fanfares are too loud). It's also an age thing...not many years before I need one :-(



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I used to think so but with high quality external amps and speakers, I have not had these problems again.

Mebbe but I've gotten out of it.


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Kalman Rubinson

I've tried with the built-in tuner. Nope! It looks ( sounds! ) like a joke. I read several reviews from Sony TV owners telling the same story. From Sony, it's hard to believe, they are usualy more serious.

This is a feature I was expecting to work like my audio compressor when listening to a movie in an appartment with not so good sound proofing, sparing my neighbours when sound shifts from murmurs to gun shots. My contract with the NE572 has been extended for many years, it really keeps the sound stable.

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Yeah, Sony has a reputation for doing above-average engineering, but they sometimes drop the ball at the consumer electronics feature level. You can almost see exactly where the engineers lose the argument to the marketing gerbs.

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Richard Crowley

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